Brake Service Ringwood


Rodney's Mechanical Repair Centre car service in Ringwood is your expert brake & clutch service specialist.

When the brakes of your car start to squeal or grind, even causing jerky stops - or the brake warning light flashes, it is time to have your brakes inspected. If you notice any slippage, pedal pulsation, drag and binding, vibration, chatter or noises caused when operating your clutch, contact our car service immediately. You can also make a car service appointment online!


Brake Service Ringwood

Stopping is the most critical function of every type of moving vehicle. Are your brakes precise and in control of your driving, bringing your car to a stop exactly when needed? Rodney's Mechanical Repair Centre performs all the brake services needed to get your car brakes to function just like when your car first rolled off the assembly line.

There is not a real set time for replacing brakes and rotors, since many variables need to be considered - your driving style, your vehicle weight, whether you do any towing, how the daily commute and road conditions impact on your cars performance, etc. Are your brakes making noise, pulling or pulsating? Is the brake pedal mushy, hard to press, too high or too low? Does the car have issues stopping?
Rodney's Mechanical Repair Centre in Ringwood is the best car service to get your brakes inspected and fixed. Rodney's Mechanical Repair Centre brake service includes a thorough brake system evaluation, brake pad or brake shoe replacement, and resurfacing of drums or rotors with a bench lathe on the serviced axles.

To ensure your safety on the road, you need to conduct comprehensive vehicle check-ups regularly. Sure signs that the brakes are overdue for service are brakes feeling soft or spongy, pedal going lower than usual or - the opposite - is harder to push down, brake fluid leak, squealing or grinding sounds, car takes longer to stop, steering wheel shudder or the car pulling to one side when braking.

When you push the brake pedal down, pressure is applied to a plunger within the master cylinder. This action forces hydraulic brake oil through tubes and hoses to disc or drum brakes housed in each wheel arch. Brakes are among the most regularly used automotive components and wear down over time, requiring servicing. To check the status of your brake pads, fluids and hoses, call us now or book a brake service online.


Brake Inspection

When you take your vehicle into a Repco Service Centre for a brake service, our mechanics will:
• check disk brake pad and/or drum shoe pad wear levels
• replace brake and shoe pads, if they are worn past a safe level
• inspect brake fluid levels and refill if necessary
• replace system components that are not in working order
• test the vehicle out on the road to make sure newly fitted components are working properly
Further component in need that may need to be repaired in a brake service are the disc rotors. Over time disc rotors can wear unevenly, so to ensure maximum breaking efficiency they may be grinded or machined to create a smoother surface.
To inspect if your brake material is in good shape, if there are fluid leaks and to be sure on the road, book a repair at Rodney's Mechanical Repair Centre online!


Possible warning signs indicating brake service is due

To ensure your and other motorist safety on the road, you need to conduct comprehensive vehicle check-ups regularly. Please contact your local mechanic as soon as possible for a comprehensive brake system inspection. These general indications are no substitute to a proper brake check, however can provide you with a general idea about the cause of your brake worries.





Possible cause

Brake Lights


Emergency brake is turned on -or- brakes have a serious drop in hydraulic pressure


Brakes may be near total failure








Brakes stick, car has 'hot wheels' or engine feels as if it has lost power


Brakes may not be releasing properly. The condition can reverse, leaving your car without any brakes








Brakes grab even with minimal pressure applied


May indicate grease or oil contaminated lining -or- loose or broken brake components






Brake pedal too hard


More force than usual is needed to brake


May indicate issues with power brake, restricted hydraulic lines, frozen calipers/wheel cylinders, or damaged brake linings






Brake pedal too soft


When braking, pedal almost touches floor for brakes to activate


May require a simple adjustment -or- require an inspection to determine the cause








When braking, car pulls to one side


May require proper inflation of tyres -or- brakes need adjustment or repairs








When braking, loud noise emits above regular low level of natural braking sound


High pitch squeal, screech, grind, groan, chatter, clatter, bang requires mechanical service








When braking, the brake pedal, steering wheel or entire car vibrates, shudders, shakes or pulsates


May indicate need for resurfacing disc brake rotors -or- loose component -or- faulty steering wheel mechanism







Rodney's Mechanical Repair Centre mechanics can inspect your brakes and determine the cause for your brake issues efficiently. If you haven't inspected all four wheel brakes recently, usually front brakes are wearing thin and are due for a replacement. The rear brakes tend to last longer as the ones in front, which do most of the braking.

Visit our Ringwood car service today and have your brakes inspected to ensure your and other motorist safety on the road. Call Rodney's Mechanical Repair Centre now or make a car service appointment online!

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